For those who wish to post a Research Request

Thanks for being interested in posting about your research on our forum. As a forum we value quality research which help the lives of people who experience mental or emotional distress.

Each year we receive hundreds of requests from researchers wanting to post requests for people to take part in their research. We have had to limit the number of requests posted on the forum. Given this we have developed a process where we check and approve all such requests before they are allowed to be published on the forum.

If you would like to seek permission to post your request on our forum please email [email protected], including your forum username in the email (if applicable) and give details of the following:

  1. Your involvement with the forum and your forum user name;
  2. The purpose of the research;
  3. Why the research topic was chosen;
  4. How the mental health forum was used to develop your research;
  5. How have people with personal experience of mental health issues been involved in developing the research;
  6. Who is funding the research;
  7. How you are dealing with the ethical issues involved with the research;
  8. What ethics committee has approved the research;
  9. Your name, contact details and the name of the institution/university/organisation etc. in which you are located;
  10. The name and contact details of a supervisor whom we may contact if you are a student;
  11. Give a commitment that you will post a summary of your research results on the forum when you have completed it;
  12. Your intentions regarding publishing the results;
  13. What are you offering to our community? What will your contribution be to the forum before you use the forum for your research? We urge researchers to think this through. For example, how about sharing some of your knowledge, personal experiences or your professional expertise with our forum members? Or maybe offer to write an article for our website on an area that isn’t already covered?

Please note that we will not approve any research requests which are funded by drug/pharmaceutical companies.