If you go on the internet you will get a list of signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, but to me these are cold and rigid and far from expressing the reality. I will go into them here, but hopefully, add in some insights which are not in the lists as I am someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Types of Bipolar Disorder

There are typically noted to be 3 main types:

Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymia.

Commonly, it is assumed that bipolar 1 is more serious than bipolar 2, but in fact this is misleading. Statistically, people diagnosed with bipolar 2 have a very high suicide rate compared with those with bipolar 1 and the general population. However, the diagnosis is based on the manic episodes not the depression, and these are more serious in people diagnosed with bipolar 1. Technically, you only need to have one episode of mania to be diagnosed, but in reality, it is something that often occurs more often than once.

People with bipolar 1 are typically described as having severe mania, with euphoria (not just very happy), speediness in thoughts, words and actions, and often “delusions of grandeur” – as they are called. These are often episodes of beliefs that they are very important, can do almost impossible (or actually impossible) things, and will act on these beliefs. Less commonly, but relevant are episodes of hallucinations. The thoughts are so fast that the person themselves can find it impossible to keep up and speech becomes like a rapid firing machine gun. Often the thoughts are so fast, the person can’t finish sentences, only speaks in words and will jump from subject to subject rapidly. Anything and everything will distract the person.

Unfortunately, people in this state can get utterly frustrated with all around them who aren’t following their thoughts, aren’t believing their beliefs, and this can turn into rages against others. This anger can lead to terrible problems with those around them, long after the mania has stopped, obviously, as family and friends can be utterly devastated. Telling a person to calm down is probably the one things NOT to do. It is best to try to avoid reacting – but that is very, very hard.

Along with these problems, a person can also spend money like water, landing themselves and their families into debt and surrounded with a random array of objects, or investments which are rarely going to be of any use. My husband w