Teesside Mental Health Forum

Welcome to the Teesside area of the Mental Health Forum.  The Teesside Mental Health Forum is for all people in the area with, or with an interest in any mental health condition which includes but is not limited to: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, self harm and schizophrenia.

Below you will find some useful information on the mental health services local to you, you may be suprised at what is available if you are in need!

Mental Health Matters Mental Health Matters

Live Web Chat is available in County Durham and Sunderland for up to 45 minutes of on-line support in your time of need.

For telephone support:

Hartlepool: 0845 045 7110. 5pm-9am weekdays,  24 hour support at weekends.

Redcar & Cleveland: 0800 052 0658 6pm-6am weekday support.

Durham & Darlington: 0800 085 7027 5pm-9am weekdays and 24 hour support at weekends.

Middlesbrough: 0800 052 7350 6pm-6am week days.

Stockton: 0800 052 7349 6pm-6am weekdays.

Sunderland: 0800 013 0626 5pm-9am week days and  24 hour support at weekends.

Impact on Teesside has been set up on Teesside to support the thousands of people each year who are continually struggling to cope because they are feeling low, stressed or worried. The service is free and open to anyone over the age of 16 who lives in the Teesside area. People can contact the service directly or through their family doctor and a therapist will help individuals choose the best therapy for them. The team offer a range of NHS approved therapies to cater for the different needs and wishes of those who need help.

Support is available in groups, on-line, over the phone or face-to-face. This includes wellbeing courses where people learn techniques for overcoming their problems, access to on line talking therapies and self help material (with support from a therapist) and one-to-one help from a qualified therapist. People can contact the service via their website or by calling 0800 8048155 or 01642 424030.

Stockton and Middlesbrough MIND

Mind Psychological Therapies;

“You will be able to get advice on which service is right for you, and sometimes we can arrange for someone to speak to you in depth right away. This service isn’t always free, a small charge may be asked for but if there is difficulty with paying this charge they will look at your circumstances. Telephone: Stockton 01642 645655, and Middlesbrough 01642 257020 or e-mail [email protected] “.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy; for advice on your rights while being treated under the Mental Health Act

Telephone – 01642 257020 or Email – [email protected]

Mentoring project in Stockton-On-Tees;

Telephone – 01642 644116 or Email – [email protected]

All Teesside residents are most welcome to join and be part of the Mental Health Forum!

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