The Mental Health Forum is developing a network of local online mental health forums that enable members to have the opportunity to make contact with other local people. These local forums bring together local people involved with mental health issues whether one experiences or has experienced mental health issues, is a friend, relative, parent or carer of someone who has, or is a worker in the mental health field (from support worker to service manager and from nurses to psychologists and psychiatrists) as well as anyone who has an interest in mental health issues.

You can find the existing local forums here: Local Forums

These local forums enable opportunities locally for:

  • mutual support to develop;
  • sharing of information and resources;
  • the advertising and holding of events;
  • generally promoting togetherness in the local mental health community;
  • campaigning on mental health issues including challenging stigma and misconceptions.

They are moderated by local volunteer moderators. They include people who experience mental and/or emotional distress, friends, partners or relatives of someone who is experiencing mental health issues, and people who work in the mental health field.

The responsibilities of the local moderators are to check the messages that are posted in the local online forum, to give information to the local Mental Health Forum about the different organisations, services and events for people with mental health difficulties in your local area, develop partnerships with local organisations and to publicise the local mental health forum. It is important to compliment what is already happening in an area, rather than duplicate what is happening.

If you are interested in being involved in running one in your area (i.e. town, city or borough) please contact us.