Person in crisisSuicidal thoughts are the hardest thoughts to deal with and there is no one answer that will help everyone. When you are in that darkest of dark place, talking to someone is often so hard. Behind these feelings is such a hopelessness that often we don’t think anyone can help us and we don’t want to bother anyone, anyway. Does that ring true for you?

But, if you are at the utter end of your tether, and can’t see a way out, take a little time to read this through. If you are certain about it then waiting a little while isn’t going to make any difference is it? There isn’t any hurry after all.

Thoughts are just that, thoughts. They aren’t actions. Thoughts make the intensity of emotions change and its the emotions which can drive actions. So break that chain.

Are these thoughts you are having around the suicide, facts or opinions? Being locked in to a spiral, its hard to see sometimes, but is all your thinking actually true, or how you feel? I know that I have taken a look, a tone of voice in someone and convinced myself they hated me or I was worthless because of it. But was that true or my impression from the dark glasses of depression?

Do you want to die in the body or have the emotional pain die? What I mean is that we think of suicide as a way out of the emotional pain, but its the emotional pain we want to stop, not life itself. Its just we assume that is the only way to stop the emotional pain. But that isn’t true.

Are you feeling trapped? Just because we can’t see a way out, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out. Depression slows and limits our insight and thinking. Its the tunnel vision of depression, it prevents us looking outwards to a