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Latest activity

  • N
    natalie replied to the thread What are you grateful for today?.
    Hi Afternoon Folks, I thought I would update revise my post to get to be more current; I'm grateful for parental support as always...
  • Urban Hermit
    Urban Hermit replied to the thread Need help and advice 😔.
    Hi, I'm sorry your feeling so bad at the moment. I can only speak from my experience but sadly depression can come and go, it's good...
  • Urban Hermit
    Urban Hermit replied to the thread What self care thing did you do for yourself today?.
    Had a walk into town and back to the library to return a book I finished last night. Feel better for the fresh air and brisk walk.
  • Poopy Doll
    Poopy Doll replied to the thread A thought for the day:.
    "Have Compassion for Everyone, Including Yourself." - Kempo Palden Rimpoche
  • N
    Hi Afternoon, Folks, After all, I had gone out to volunteering. I also managed to have done a workout this morning way before setting...
  • Foxjo
    Foxjo replied to the thread A Complete Forum Newbie.
    Hi Griff and welcome to the forum! :welcome: You should find this place friendly and supportive. You are not alone here! Hugs Fox
  • Passionflower
    Passionflower replied to the thread Hypnopherapy.
    I had hypnotherapy for anxiety a few weeks ago and it didn't work for me at all. It didn't have any negative side effects so I would...
  • daffy
    daffy replied to the thread Started lithium today.
    Yes that has happened to a friend of mine but as she says she’s rather have the weight and be stable. I was on quetiapine as I refused...
  • fazza
    fazza rated boudreauj4's post
    in the thread Started lithium today.
    I took lithium for awhile many years ago, but I don't remember why or if it was beneficial for me. Must be not because I don't think I...
  • fazza
    fazza rated Poopy Doll's post
    in the thread Started lithium today.
    Hi fazza. I hope the lithium will help you. I wish when I started lithium someone would have told me to watch my weight.