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    Hi morning Folks, As I've said elsewhere on this site, forums wise, I have had a couple of heard voices, loud, non to clear...
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    natalie replied to the thread Heard Voice - A gliche?.
    Hi Folks, Morning, I have been physically tired, very tired, from working out today, however,I have had a couple of heard voices up...
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    in the thread A thought for the day:.
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    in the thread scared.
    I have been suffering from anxiety since I was about 11 or 12. This started when my parents split up. On and off throughout my life my...
  • Liza9560
    Liza9560 replied to the thread scared.
    Hello, KC— After reading your post, my first thought is that you didn’t give the antidepressant enough time to work and for your body...
  • Hopeful313
    Hopeful313 replied to the thread nightmares, flashbaks, and panic attacks from shows..
    @rosa1347 First, congrats on the pregnancy and wishing you the best and a healthy baby 🙂 From an experience, I have more nightmares...
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    i mean, terrorists attacked the towers, so it's only natural and wise to investigate the terrorists base of operations for any other...
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    Hi everyone. I decided to put this thread into anxietu suv forum because I have GAD as well as depression. I am also prescribed 50 mg...
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    Liza9560 replied to the thread Akathisia.
    Zagor...what is Akthisia?
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    Hi and :welcome: to the forum. I hope you feel better and find help here. I’ve been on the forum for a week and I’ve learned new things...
  • Liza9560
    I strongly suggest that you talk with your doctor about this and maybe have a medication review. Don't just do it yourself. It takes...
  • Liza9560
    I talked to my doctor she said i should wait at least another week and see how i feel. i've only been on 100mg for 10 days so i'd say i...
  • Liza9560
    Hey, Space! So. The Zoloft. I saw my new psychiatrist, and he seems warm and friendly. He thinks I have anxiety and depression, with a...