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Zyprexa or Saphras for OCD



Well-known member
Jul 5, 2010
Ugg Zyprexa; weight going up. Gurr, Saphras load of side effects. Is there any good meds for OCD?? Was on a high dose of Paxil and went into a manic stage & had to come down to 40mg. So frustrated!!!! Depakote makes me feel so sluggish. Lamactial was working great but broke my mouth out. :( Currently OCDing on reading the Bible & praying and thinking God wants me to die. Took 15mg of Zyprexa tonight, bout out of it now. Frustrated, cant do anything but OCD, PTSD, and mood swing. Is there any way out?????:scared:


I've heard of Saphras, but don't think it has approval in the UK. I've never heard of anti-psychotics being used for O.C.D (i thought they usually gave anti-depressants)..guess they're being used for everything now days. Sorry I can't help you more.