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Zoning out and loosing concentration



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Apr 6, 2015
I'm writing about myself in the hope to find that I'm not the only person suffering with this and that these problems can be overcome with the right treatment. I'd love to hear about other people similar experiences and how they have coped themselves.

I am male, 19 and have begun to realise that I have been 'zoning out' a lot of the time. To describe it, it's like staring past an object whilst my thoughts are of little importance to what is happening around me. Or as if my brain can't process the given information so it shuts down for a while to recover.

I only noticed this last year when I first moved away from home to study at university living in shared accommodation. I began to struggle in social situations as I would just tune out and not realise I had done it. I have been told to "wake up" by my friend who was watching tv with me. I had no recollection of what we were watching and suddenly came out of the trance like state feeling embarassed and confused. Since then there have been further instances when I have involuntarily switched off from the world around me, which really frightens me! And must frighten others too!

I believe responsiblity for this condition lies within my past traumatic experience as a child. My mum got bad depression and was hospitalised because of it, she tried to kill herself three times, I was present at one of her attempts when I was 8 years old. The memory of this has become ingrained in my head. Loosing her was horrible but I never cried about it, it's just numbed me. I feel emotionless when I think about it and never shed a tear when I visit her grave on Mother's Day.

Since then my dad re-married and I lived with her and her kids until a year after when he got diagnosed with MS and year after that, she left, rubbing salt in the wounds. He is almost wheelchair bound now and it kills me to see him in such a bad way after knowing he was so physically active before all this.

I've become increasing depressed, lonely and fed up with life. I tend to just switch off from the world but physically I'm still there. I hope that I have described this well enough and I hope that it can be treated. I am living in constant mental pain and unfortunately, death seem like an appealing option for me at the moment.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this..


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Oct 21, 2013
On a comet
Hello MattUK, welcome to the forums. It's nice to meet you :)

You have described in great detail your issue/problems. I have something like this also. I tend to day dream, and therefore I am not aware of my surroundings for that moment in time. It's of concern to me but I am now recovering from my issues, although it's day 10 of my recovery, so it will take months or years to fully recover. (sorry for rambling about me :doh:)

Have you looked into mindfulness meditation? It trains the brain/mind to be in the here and now. It could be of use to you.
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