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Zoloft and bipolar?



Jan 26, 2021
So I was just diagnosed with possible bipolar I was told i showed signs and also had a mania episode and was also delusional i had not slept in causing 2019,,, I had a tree fallon our home in 2016 I thought I was just on to high of zoloft and found out that zoloft with out a stabilizer may have made me do what I did I used to cry to my doctors and tell them I felt like I had no control over my life so long story short after episode I cold turkeyed off of zoloft and just the other week was potentially diagnosed with bipolar. Any thoughts on this or any one who can relate by the way the tree was the reason I got on the zoloft it completely destroyed our home and only by the Lords mercy is my 8 year old here todayi. believe I suffer from PTSD she said I have a few things we have to figure out and work on


Dec 9, 2020
thoughts on this or any one who can relate by the way the tree was the reason I got on the zoloft it completely destroyed our home
bipolar people are notorious for going off medication.

"i used to have super powers but my bipolar medication too them away"

for me bipolar seems like my brain is very gullible. or like i have a little child inside me controlling my mood and serotonin levels. if something good happens or some excitement it can trigger mania and if something bad happens it can trigger a really bad mood or depression. which is why i often use music to try and control my brain. to keep it busy on something positive. like a parent does when they stick their kid in front of the cartoons to keep him busy and happy.


Jan 26, 2021
I like the part about the music and tha is for sharing about the happy vs badtrigger as far as mood change but do you always have to have somthing bad happen or can it just be the simple thought of somthing that will keep you upset I'm just being diagnosed literally after one sitting but it was brought up also new to this forum so what's your thoughts on my first post are you able to see it? Or is there a way I'd like to know your opinion
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