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You're thoughts?



New member
Feb 1, 2016
So Im about 99% sure im ocd. Since i was younger i have always sort of obsessed over things i have a passion for for example. In school i was a 2x state champion in wrestling and id constantly over and over and over again watch my old wrestling videos like obsessivly to perfect technique and see missed oppurtunitys so i actually credit some of it too my success in things i liked. However i ended up moving in with this girl for over a year and things went about as bad as they possibly could it was really traumatic for me and when id be at work (very boring job) id literally just re live in every single night for months and months. It got really bad with calls and voice mails and everything she even called the police who gave me a warning. So it was like in the past i felt like it actually helped me and now i am seeing the flip side too it all. Some other things that make me think im ocd is at work ill just get crazy bored and ill start obsessing over what i need to be doing and stuff and i start making to so lists for that day next week long term ect. Like my computer bag is filled with lists. Is there any way to get rid of all these unwanted thoughts and stuf? And im wondering if i should see a psychologist and can they really even do anything for ocd?


Well-known member
Apr 30, 2015
Youre not alone here for sure :) I have obsessive thoughts but they come always right after feeling of panic...are you anxious, because ocd usually comes from fear and anxiety?they need to find right meds and it can be solved, you can try also psychotherapy, it didnt help me but maybe it helps you, who knows:)