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Your social anxiety is not real



New member
Jan 29, 2016
Hey Mario here,

I know how it feels, ive been there.
You hear a group of people laughing and you thinks is about you,you make eye contact and then immediately look away feeling embarrassed.
Sometime your body shakes,you sweat ,and then you can feel how your voice is affected and change the way it sounds.

But guess what? IS NOT FUCKING REAL
Nothing bad is happening in reality, nobody is looking at you, nobody is laughing at you.
Is just in your imagination.

In reality there’s been moments that you are not anxious i can guarantee that.
Sometimes you feel like everything clicks , when you have a conversation with people, girls, etc. They are laughing, everyone is having a good time.
And guess why is that?
You are not believing the stories in your head ,you are not following your thoughts and you are completely in that moment enjoying the conversation therefore at that very moment your social anxiety is non existent.

If you can be anxious and not anxious at some moments, which one are you ? You are neither. Anxiety is not a fact, you can be in room full of people and most likely you are the only one worrying about social anxiety. So if everyone else is not feeling the “social anxiety” that my friend, is the definition of imaginary.
If an earthquake is happening everyone will feel it, isn't true? Thats because is a FACT is actually happening

I want you to try this, write down every story that you have about yourself
I'm ugly/smart/stupid/boring/funny whatever it is for you .
Then ask this question im i (insert story here) 100% of the time? If not, how do i know thats a fact ?
And then , write down a reason as to why the opposite of what you think you are could be true ,example: i believe im stupid. Opposite reason: ive been told that im smart, or i passed a hard test,etc.

Hopefully this helps

Tell me how you feel in the comments. If you have any question, feel free to send me a message


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2015
England. Derbyshire
This sounds exactly like the CBT I have had.
Have you had it as well?

Pollypop x