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your opinions needed please xxxxx



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Oct 4, 2009
hi xxx

my dad and his mum (my nan) both have a chemical imbalance thing in their brain thats all that has ever been said about it.. cos no one talks about it i do know its genetic.. my dad had 3 breakdowns in the last 30 years so i have been told by my uncle and my nan goes really bad every now and then! .. my dad is the same although lately he has been ok for a while now..

anyway my question is this... i dont think what they have is just depression but no one seems to know alot about it unless they jus dont wanna talk about it.. but the thing is i have depression but i had some bad stuff happen when i was a teenager and i blame all of that plus i got in the bad habit of self harmin! .. but now im worried i have what they have.. i have days where im so happy and energetic and my bf said to me the other day " ur on a right high which is good, but im worried your gonna crash into a real low mood cos u always go from high to extremely low".. i feel ok at the moment but i do get really low...

i know i should go to a doctor but i have tried SO many times.. i end up changing my mind and makin somethin up on the spot like an ear ache or somethin.. and the one time i told a doctor i moved doctors straight after as i couldnt go back to see him !! im dumb!! i wanna sort myself out but dont know how...

sorry my first post is long and badly written and borin lol xxx

anyways thanks for ur help xxxxxxxxxx

Rachel xx


hi xxx

my dad and his mum (my nan) both have a chemical imbalance thing in their brain thats all that has ever been said about it.. cos no one talks about it i do know its genetic..

.. but the thing is i have depression but i had some bad stuff happen when i was a teenager and i blame all of that
Hello & welcome to the forum. :welcome:

What you have written is a dichotomy.

The truth is that the bio-medical model & hypotheses have never been proved in relation to mental illness. There is no bona fide proof of mental illnesses being caused by chemical imbalances in the brain & genetic predisposition - None. (If anyone has proof to the contrary then provide it)

But we have a MH system based primarily on these assumptions.

You yourself think that it is because some bad stuff happened to you. That is more rational to me. That what happens to us & the way we reacted to such things is far more at primary cause than our biology; although biology may well play a part.

No one talks about it - The subject of mental health is a taboo subject. That is true right across society.


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Jul 15, 2009
Well, you might have what they have, but that's not the main concern. You need to focus on how you are feeling and if you think there's a problem then yes, you should see a doctor. Could you confide in your bf? He already knows you have mood swings so he might be willing to come along with you. If not your bf then a close friend?

The hereditary thing is a side issue. I have depression, my son (who's 21) has depression. We are both having very similar treatment and we are great support for each other even though he lives 200 miles away. You never know, if you find out that you 'have something' for want of a better phrase, you might find your dad opens up about it...stranger things have happened.

Wishing you all the best, keep talking :)


Aug 30, 2009
North East
Agree with what the other things say - the hereditary thing is a side issue. You need to focus on yourself first, before you can focus or worry about anyone else. And sometimes, though it's really hard to admit, some people just don't want or can't accept help, and we just have to let them go their course. I understand how painful that is, believe me.

But you should ask for help. Maybe your boyfriend can go with you to the doctor's, so that if you change your mind, he's their to support and encourage you to tell the doctor the real reason why you went. Or you could write down how you feel - the lows, the highs, self harming etc - and give that to your doctor. Sometimes it's so much easier to give a letter than to actually say something. And try not to be anxious about it - I know I didn't want to go to the doctor's because I was afraid he would think I was a freak that was making things up. But they're proffesionals - they deal with a lot of people with mental health issues, they know what to do. They're there to help you, not judge you.

Good luck!


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May 26, 2009
Hi Rachel,welcome to the forum. I think that's a good idea,see the doctor with the support of your boyfriend,goodluck!
Wendy x
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