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Your Environment And Triggers(Recover from Schizophrenia)



Oct 9, 2019
south africa
Hi everybody

This applies to newly schizophrenic and Long term schizophrenics.

The environment you spend majority of your time in plays a huge role on the subconcious mind. Your subconcious mind is the reason I and many of you got triggered into developing Schizophrenia/psychosis. For example I was staying in an apartment surrounding by many other people. I would use my tablet to watch videos, wear the certain clothes I would to College, follow certain people on social media, and interact with people I really didn't feel comfortable around during the time I was triggered to develop Schizophrenia.

Now what happens is after the diagnosis I would wear the same clothes, follow the same people etc. from the time of my triggering. Your subconcious and concious mind has vivid memories of traumatic experiences while in the presence of the above listed things. This only reinforces our mind to continue producing the same chemicals it was when it was in those traumatic experiences even though you are not in the same situation.

The key is to try and remove what you can of these things from your life and only then can you begin to heal the trauma your mind has undertaken. This is one of the essential steps you have to take in order to recover.

Love you all, Good vibes and Good luck <3
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