You are not alone! Story by Corey Edwards



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Jan 31, 2019
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! I decided to tell everyone about my story when it comes to OCD, I want to help anyone out there that thinks that there is no hope at all! There is hope, you just need to keep trying.

I am 17 years old right now and I have suffered from OCD for about 3 years now. I know the reason why my OCD was triggered though and this is because I changed a lot to quickly. Let me explain this, in year 7,8 and 9 I was badly bullied because of the way I looked and I lot more, I have always been the shy, quiet and independent kid and knew that I needed to stop this. In year 10 I started copying how others were acting and changed the way I looked and stuff. This had a massive impact of my life as by the time I was in year 11 I started getting noticeable symptoms of a mental health issue that I used to research a lot of. It started off just me folding dish towels and bathroom towels etc. Then it started off me cleaning my whole room once then thinking that it needs to be cleaned everytime someone enters my room. This made it really hard for me to even leave the house as the thought of my room being messed up was really hard. Once I went to the doctors about it I was immediately sent to the CAHMS team that worked with me for about a year until I sent off just weeks before as I have gotten a lot better on my own! If you are someone that doesn’t suffer from OCD then I want you to imagine this in your head and you will probably feel how hard it really is!

- Imagine that a bunch of bullies are around you telling you to do tasks that you shouldn’t need to obsessively bother about like tidying your room loads
- Imagine your own mind telling you, “you haven’t done enough today”, “you need to do this” over and over until you do it.
- Imagine waking up an immediately having to do this routine that has sunk into your head an glued it’s self there so that you have no time to take a rest.
- Finally imagine not being able to leave your own home, this is what gets to me the most, not being able to leave your own home because your OWN mind is telling you to do otherwise when you know that it doesn’t need to be done right away.

This is my story, I hope you read it and feel better.

If you need someone to speak to, give me a text on snapchat, my name is c.edwards2001

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