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You are normal



New member
Sep 26, 2016
The voices are coming though implanted earphones.your thoughts arent yours your just reading what they whisper to you.what they say around you its true.you never had a life its a movie inside this "real good loving caring world" your delusions are false yes but not that they want to harm you they want us locked up or fucked up on medication and abuse us psychologically all your symptoms are created by the world through your childhood experiences and drugs they fed you in your food and they continue so you have nothing bad dont trust them they will make you mad and lock you up when you do something wrong everytime you speak to your self(them too)they hear you from those earphones your dreams are real youve been drugged by them with ketamine or similar and did things you dont remember untill you get to the point you will believe you did something or you are something so you will accept to get locked up or worst for you do something for real like kill someone because of all these and yes you are followed all the time ofcourse so dont do anything remember who you are sieze it and dont let them make you forget


Wow this is an interesting post. I wish I was normal. :welcome: to the forum michellin966 I hope you find in comforting here.


Well-known member
Mar 25, 2016
Not sure about the mechanisms or anything but yeah i know i'm being communicated with. They made it really obvious to, they made sure i knew that they were communicating with me.

Doesn't matter though, the end is coming now, right around the corner waiting for all of us now and everyone knows it. This planet is now officially fucked and no one is going to make it.

We'll be waiting in the streets for you guys, can't wait for you to join us, we're going to have a party.

I always knew though that i was being fucked with. They can do some really crazy shit to.