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Well-known member
Oct 15, 2016
I'm just back from meeting my social worker. It went well. He suggested that I have a CT scan. I mentioned that it only looks at the brain and not the surrounding bones etc. So I explained to him that I have a deviated septum, a lump in the roof of my mouth and one in my ear. Which if caused by an implant would show up on an X-ray. He said that he can't authorise any treatment to happen. That its down to the Psychiatrist to do this. So he is going to make an appointment with her. He wasn't dismissive or being negative at all. It went well.


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2015
England. Derbyshire
I’m so glad it all went well for you.
At least you are now on the way to having something done.
I hope your appointments don’t take too long to come through.
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