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Wrong crowd



May 20, 2019
when you have mental health I know there's something you need to take responsibility for
The wrong crowd?
It's a difficult one
Don't want to be isolated
But when these 'mates' come and collect me I feel apart of something, but I guess this mental health forum will help far more...
It almost feels like I need their permission to go outside, I rarely go out unless thy pick me up I could go a whole week inside and not see a face...
I've realised the more I keep away from people in general the more I'm growing up and the resistance to change is wearing thin... I'm getting bored.... spiralling more... I may not be moving as quick as I should but some progression is being made
as for the bad people I hate that they can be on your mind in what feels like forever... I've noticed a pattern though there's always someone I hate lol
But I have been meeting some really shitty people...
will venture out some more this week...
I find I achieve going out when I 'have to' usually*****
my abusive partner... I've realised he really isn't helping me so I'm ignoring him for now
I need some space from family and friends if/when they contact me i'm saying I need space...
it's time for me to truly growinto the person who I want to be


Active member
May 25, 2019
Firstly i am sorry you are going through a tough time. I don't have many suggestions but maybe go online and find a free course to do when your alone at home or play online games. I personally find them awesome when i don't want to deal with my real life but still want that interaction with people And remember you are strong enough to get through this and it's totally ok to need time to yourself!🌞