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would like some help. living in fantasy land.



New member
Sep 27, 2009
Hey, thanks for checking out my post
I'm here to ask if anyone could help me on something that's been bothering me for quite some time now.

I am an 18 year old girl, As a person I have a very vivid imagination, I always have done, it's the way I am. Generally I come across as very mature for my age, but really, I feel like a child sometimes. However I feel this relates more to to my problem, than a kind of infantile complex.
In the past couple of years I've been slipping more and more deeply into my 'fantasy world' you might call it. I feel like I'm disconnecting myself further from reality. At first it didn't bother me so much, as It's just the way I am usually. I like my dream world. But I feel like I'm sectioning myself off from everyone.
I know it's ridiculous and impossible, but I feel like I'm more special than other normal people. Part of a big plan. Like I'll find out I have super powers, or i'll be whisked away by vampires or some other kind of mythical creature. I am the centre of the universe kind of thing. I know it's not going to happen, and they're merely ridiculous dreams, but I can't stop it, and it's getting to the point where it's making me feel low, as I feel like I can't connect with anyone the way I used to. I can't read certain books or watch certain films anymore either because I tend to get too wrapped up in them and they crawl into my imagination and root themselves there.

I don't want to go to therapy for it, I had to go to therapy for around 2/3 years when i was younger due to depression, and I found it didn't really help me. I got through that due to my own personal will power and my friends and family.

I was just wondering if anyone had any idea whether this is an actual problem? or has heard anything like this or experienced it or has any information? I'd be very greatful


Well-known member
Sep 2, 2009

There is nothing wrong with living in a world of fantasy unless it greatly effects your life.

I am interested when you say that you "sectioning yourself." Do you lock yourself away?

I suffer from schizo affective disorder and when I have psychotic episodes I regularly think that I am here for a reason, like a super hero and have been expecting aliens to take me to experiement because I am such a wonderful example of a human they must be dying to get thier hands on me :D

I don't know if I am reading to deep into things, but maybe if you explain what effect it is having on your life and why you have felt the need to seek help maybe I or someone else can comment further.

I know it's not very helpful as no one here will be able to diagnose you off what you write but I can certainly relate to a lot of what you said.

ST x


I was just wondering if anyone had any idea whether this is an actual problem? or has heard anything like this or experienced it or has any information? I'd be very greatful
The beginnings of my descent into madness started with such similar thinking at around 16. It may do too with you; or it may not. It does seem common in people who go on to experience psychosis.


Sep 29, 2009

I am like you too. I often imagine these people are in the room with me observing me before they whisk me off somewhere. I also know it's not real but still can't stop it.


From what I have gathered reading your post. Your fantasy land stuff sounds like early symptoms of a possible psychosis. Sounds to me that you have delusional ideas as well, like being part of a big plan and what not. I would talk to somebody about it. I have found counseling to be a wonderful help and I know it would help to get this stuff off your chest because you obviously feel crazy or unusual by your post.


New member
Nov 10, 2009
hi. im delusional and have always put it down to being childish. i am aware im doing it but cant stop it! as iv grown my 'fantasys' have become mroe realistic. like right now i have an imaginarey friend sat on sofa watching the telly with me, chatting about what im gonna say to pdoc tomorrow lol. im not crazy honest!
as lnog as we're aware i dont mind it too much. i have caught myself almost..almost talking outloud to myself on the street though. embarrassing!
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