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Would appreciate some advice/your opinion



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Mar 17, 2009
Hi everyone, my name's jen, i'm 20yr old student. I'm new to the site, just hoping to benefit from your experience/knowledge etc. and a bit confused. At the moment i'm wondering whether or not I should go and talk to my GP about the possibility of my being bipolar or at least having some sort of mood disorder other than depression which I was diagnosed with over a year ago.
My experiences in the past month or so have lead me to consider this possibility and looking back over my past experiences it also seems to fit. I had never really thought about it before because I was drinking and smoking a lot of weed at the time but I think it would explain a lot.
I feel 'normal' at the moment but two weeks ago (I think, not so sure about starts and stops of it all) I became really hyper for what seemed a really long time. I felt really great and really confident for what seemed like along time, I broke up with my boyfriend and acted out sexually. I had lots of energy to the point where I would physically and mentally exhaust myself and come down.
In the past I blamed alcohol for a lot of this kind of thing but am now living a different lifestyle where I am seeing things more clearly.
Previously I had been feeling very low connected with bad things going on personally so am wondering whether this could just be a reaction to my personal difficulties ending or something else?
Thanks for reading this,


The only person who can tell you if you're bipolar or not is a medic. One high doesn't make you bipolar. I have friends who will tell me about the days that they have where time seems to slow and everything goes well but they're not bipolar they're just experiencing the top end of their normal range.

While a diagnosis of bipolar would give you an explanation of your behaviour it's not necessarily the only one. How long is it since you stopped drinking and using? The rebound effect of heavy drug and alcohol use can affect you for longer than you think. I wasn't even considered for a diagnosis of bipolar disorder until I'd been clean and sober 3 years.

Talk to your GP - it will put your mind at rest.
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