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Worst week of my life.



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Feb 10, 2010
A city in a country.

So i decided on Sunday that enough was enough.
I dumped my boyfriend, monday night he decided to inform me of little lies he had been keeping from me.
1. He added his ex to his facebook profile to sort things out with her (he said he would never speak to exes again) i was like okay but why lie? He said he thought if he told me the lies she had spread about him then I would believe them and dump him, it hurt to think he thought so little of me after 13 months.
2. I asked any other exes you speak to? he admitted another one, so i was like again why lie about this? now it looks suspicious. He said he thought i would fly off the handle i was like buh i've told you i talk to mine and i've always told you i'm sound with you talking to exes just don't lie about it.
3. he fancied another girl when we started going out, might not seem alot buh it gets better. He is slightly racist using certain words for people who have darker skin ( i think you all know what i mean) and this girl was black. I was like you hypocrit!!!!!!! He said he pushed her away i was like not enough she's on your profile and you text her so you didn't push her far enough so he deleted her.
she is really skinny as well which made me think that now I have to be this way to keep him.

Now although this might not seem much it really upset me to know that i was pitted against another girl. I've never felt number one in his life and now I know that I wasn't from the beginning.
I've been sick twice everyday since monday & i've self harmed.
I don't even have to make myself sick anymore it just happens when i eat i'm that hurt that he lied again.
I'm still with him buh now all my family have finally noticed how hurt he has made me they all hate him.

I want to be with him buh i don't think it's going to help.
When I break up with him he makes me feel guilty even though i know i have no reason to feel guilty.
i asked my mum for her opinion and she said 'if there's no trust then there's no point'
I am going to try and break up with him tonight buh i don't think i am going to follow through even though i know i have too!
He is the only boyfriend who hasn't ran a mile when i've told him about my bulimia and self harm

Sorry for the long thread. I am not looking for advice buh it is greatly appreciated I just needed to vent.




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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
I will give you my opinion but it is only a point of view, not what you should or shouldnt do.

I was in a relationship, the guy was cheating, i got pregnant, he cheated all the more. i finally ended it when a friend pointed out that i was miserable. i had been to afraid to finish it, cause i thot no one else would want me. but that isnt a reason to stay with someone. and just because he hasnt run a mile, isnt a reason to stay with him. alot of other nice guys will do the same.

If you dont trust him, then its always gonna be hard.

I dont know the answer, just ask what would you tell your best friend to do in your situation. it is hard to be kind to ourselves but easier to think of someone we care about.

sending you big hugs to get throo the weekend and to a better week next week



What matters is you, if this guy lied to you or is using you ??
He's not worth it period, you deserve better and you're not at fault he is !!
Hope you can do what's best for you and be happy,
you will find some one who accepts you as you, all the best..



Well-known member
Feb 10, 2010
A city in a country.
I just don't know what to think
He told me so many personal things this week that I never knew about & i feel like if i leave now it's like i'm running away from his issues when he stayed for mine.

Last night I didn't feel guilt when I ate my food, then I was sat in my room ten minutes later remembered how skinny that girl was and instantly I was sick.
I know why he's lied but i don't think it's a good enough reason.

I really love him he is my first love (soppy as it sounds)
& i would love to stay with him forever but i dislike how much i've gone back to my old habits.

Thanks for the help though guys it's appreciated :]
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