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Worried, frightened, help



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Aug 7, 2009
Am at a loss ... started a new job 6 weeks ago, in the midst of relocating so only see my husband at weekends. My confidence is very shaky and as a result I feel as tho I am letting down my new employer. Am not on the ball and am making silly mistakes, not great when I'm on a trial period.

I ran out of meds two weeks ago, my doc is at home and I never get time to go home early enough to go; a 3 hour journey from where I work. Was feeling okay but now as tho I'm slipping into a mixed state. Hints of hypomania and waking up tearful.

Am so lonely. Feel distant from my friends, not just geographically, but I can't tell them about my diagnosis. Tried contacting MDF but they never reply and am desperate for someone to talk to. The past 6 months have turned my life upside down and I don't feel like my efforts to get back to normality are working well. And I hate myself for messing up a friendship with the only person I could ever talk to about this stuff.

I'm really scared and starting to have bad thoughts again. If I lose this job I'll have messed up everything.


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Apr 4, 2008
Hi Bluebell. I think your being very brave making this move and the new job.
Could you ring your doctors and get someone to collect a new prescription for you. Or alternatively register at a doctors local to where you are or go as a temporary resident to get your replacement meds.
Don't worry about making little mistakes that will stop once you are more settled in your job.
Take care.
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