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Worried about neighbor's behaviour



New member
Feb 10, 2015
I have been noticing my male neighbour standing perfectly still outside, at all hours of the day and night.
If I check the mail, he is standing like a statue and stares past me. When I say "hi", there is no response from him.
He is approximately 20 years-old.
He wears the same blue hoodie covering his head, and is never without it.
Once, I could not sleep, so I went for a midnight walk, and in the dark, there he was. No lights on in his yard, just staring into space. He does not stare at my house, but just in to space. He also stands in the sunlight for hours.
Can any shed any light onto this behaviour please?
And should I do something to help him?


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hi Jessicat, welcome to the forum.

Does he live by himself or with others?
This might not be relevant, but i'm wondering if you rent and you share a landlord?

His behaviour does seem a bit worrying, and if you have the opportunity to talk to someone close to him then i'd definitely explain your concerns.
The tricky part is what to do if there aren't any relatives or friends of his you can talk to...

Nobody here is a professional or an expert. And so my opinion really doesn't count for much in terms of accuracy or whatever, but from what you've said, I do wonder if he's experiencing catatonia.
It can be a feature of all kinds of different mental health issues, too many to list really.

But yes, as I said, I would try to talk to someone who could get him to see a doctor if you can. Or, it may be that he's already known to the mental health services. Either way, it's better to say something, I think.