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worried about falling into old habits



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Apr 27, 2015
I used to suffer from depression and started self harming when I was 15, when I look back it was triggered because of school and the people I was surrounded by. i know it sounds like a stupid reason but i was bullied and really struggled fitting in and feeling accepted by anybody. I failed my first year of a levels and nearly my second year as well because of my depression. I had to redo a year but when my original year group left things started to look up and I started self harming less.
I finished school a year ago and stopped self harming almost entirely by the beginning of December, however I went to do a season and when I got drunk and upset about myself I would relapse. this would happen on 75% of my nights out. nobody knew about it but people did notice things, I just said they were from falling over when drunk. is it meeting new people now what stresses me out and triggers it? feelings of worthless just come back up. the other night I went really bad and self-harmed, I look ridiculous now but I just couldn't help myself.
is there any advice for how I can deal with this I don't want to get back into bad habits, it's bad enough I do this when I'm drunk I'm worried i might feel the need to do it when I'm sober as well?
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Jan 7, 2015
I don't know too much about self harm, I'm sure you will get some good advice from people on here. I definitely found cutting the alcohol and not overthinking things help me.

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