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World suicide prevention day



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Oct 30, 2019
Today #worldsuicidepreventionday is trending on social media. People are posting photos of them looking their best and then write a long caption about how they actually are struggling.

Who is this day really for?

This week I have had a very bad relapse in my mental health and have had suicidal thoughts that have incapacitated me more than in the past. I struggle to ask for help and I do not like opening up to the people around me. I feel disgusting having people know that I'm struggling.

So I wanted to browse the hashtag and maybe find something there. There were mostly posts of what I mentioned before. Then something's urging people go reach out to their friends to check on them. A few about not losing hope to.

Who is this day directed at? People who don't know that suicide is an issue?


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Nov 10, 2019
They don't get it do they
But they are trying


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Dec 17, 2019
London, ON
People who don't know that suicide is an issue?
They don't get it do they
But they are trying
Exactly. I guess it's about awareness. Not that it is an issue, but in the hopes people are marginally more alert when somebody is giving signs of taking that step. Even people who deal with suicidal episodes of their own don't always see the signs in somebody else.

I nearly missed realizing a friend was on the brink - I actually went back to sleep for a few minutes. (Yes she attempted an overdose, yes I spent the night with her calming her down). Plus, sometimes, we are so tired from our own struggles we miss signs.

I've had that happen. A friend messaged me, I was so depressed I put off answering, and now she's dead.

I have a huge amount of guilt for that.

constant reminders about things like that aren't a bad thing, if they help even a few people.

Plus, as you said, they are trying to help. It may seem a trivial or pointless effort, but it's not like there are more effective methods to use, short of massively increasing mental health spending.


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Jul 31, 2020
Odd, I was just looking at suicide stats yesterday, I have a curiosity about a lot of things, not just morbid stuff. Globally it's close to a million per year, about double the rate of homicide. But I suppose such a statistic is a bit of a guess. Lots of inaccurate reportage on such things, you can imagine families wanting to hide it, maybe getting it called an accident or something.

South Korea, a country I lived in for years, has one of the highest rates in the world. A pretty stressed out society with a lot of pressure and competition.

A city I've been to in China, Nanjing has a bridge that goes over the Yangtze River. The bridge is thought to be one of the most popular spots for suicide in the world. There's a doc about a man who helps stop people from jumping there called Angel of Nanjing. There's another short doc I once saw about a forest in Japan where many have carried out the act. Grim stuff for sure.
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