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Working holiday visa to Canada



New member
Apr 9, 2015
Hello. I am new here:)
I am a Japanese citizen and I have a working holiday visa to Canada. Today, I talked to my psychiatrist about it and he said that it is risky because there will not be anybody who can see the difference in my daily life. He mentioned it is difficult for schizophrenics to recognize the onset of relapse on their own.

I am disappointed to hear that.. I feel like I am trapped and imprisoned , being unable to do what I want to do because of my illness.

So I 'd like to ask if there is anybody who works abroad or lives abroad all alone. I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice on this...




Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hi Cornemuse,
Welcome to the forum and sorry you've not had a reply yet.
I don't have schizophrenia, so I can't fully appreciate the difficulties you might face living alone in a new country.
I think it is sensible to listen to your psychiatrist and understand that it is his job to point out any risks - however, it sounds like he isn't totally against you going?
Do you think it possible to get support once you are in Canada? I'm not sure how their health services run, but perhaps if you met with some health worker every now and then, they may be able to support you?
It's just a thought.
Don't give up on your dream. I'm sure you can get there eventually, but I do think that it's wise to plan ahead in what might happen if you were to become unwell.
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