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Apr 14, 2019
New Jersey
I’m very upset, I am trying to get more hours at work, when I choose. I don’t want to be forced into it, and my parents keep giving me the days and times to work that My sister decided not to work. I get yelled at by them. I don’t have a problem to with working more days but I want to be the one to choose. They didn’t take into consideration that I may have had plans that day. I don’t think this is uncommon that I’m like this. I’m just really picky with work schedules because I like to have the opportunity to do other things too.

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Nov 17, 2018
Flip it around. If you have plans for a set day, tell your parents and book it off. If it’s I just want to have it off to have it off, then you are letting your brain freak you out about control. By asking in advance you establish yourself as an adult.

I think you are struggling with the need for more control and perhaps a perceived notion of favouritism to your sister.

Try the ask for specific days off, at least two weeks ahead of time, and see if that doesn’t give you a bit of control back.