Work Related Anxiety Before My Start Date



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Sep 20, 2016
After I quit a company couple of months ago. I applied for a job to other companies. Successfully I managed to ace the interview and practical exams problems and processed already my pre-employment requirements from September 29, 2019 to 30 - This includes my medical and clearances.

I submitted already my requirements last Monday[08/02/2019] - this includes a four copy of my birth certificate and other required requirements.

The problem, today[as of this writing] this afternoon, they notified me that I'll be starting this coming Monday[08/09/2019] they are asking for another requirements which i don't understand why are they asking for it[the other version government issued birth certificate] due to I already submitted that requirements(my birth certificate) last Monday[08/02/2019] and they don't even notify me for that. They want another government issued version of it, which will take me long to get it(a couple of weeks to get). But, I asked them if its OK if its "to follow up" flag and they said "yes, you can".

I felt something wrong with this company and seems like i felt that I'm not welcome to them:low:(or maybe my mind is tricking me). They have from Tuesday to Thursday[August 2 to 5 2019] for that(the other version government issued birth certificate) to give remarks.

In line with my mental state:

should this be a red flag for me having a notion that that is the face of the company as a whole?

Adding, I'm not a College graduate and in conjunction with the above sms message they are also asking again for a copy of my diploma which I do have, but not a 4 years course(but i did submitted this already last Monday[08/02/2019] but I shrink it with another certification in a one page letter size paper to fit the two documents for print just to save printing cost)- its just a 45 hours short course. Should I confirmed to my mind that they are somewhat discriminating me?



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Jul 8, 2019
I think you need some specialist advice with this
maybe from the job centre
their disability advisers are sometimes quite good

or Citizens Advice Bureau

there is also a sub forum on this forum
dedicated to work and benefits

if you post in there , people may be able to help with this

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