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Work on a good gameplan with your Doctors



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
And find the right medications and treatments to assist you.

Try your best to never be over prescribed.

It is not healthy long term.

Sadly. We are frequently over prescribed extra medications; including higher doses than should be constitutionally allowed.

Hence an extremely high rate of suicide and suicidal thoughts, behaviors and activities in our illness.

These drugs are dangerous. Proceed with extreme caution. And professional assistance. Try multiple Doctors until you find the right results.

Be pro active in finding the cure for you.

Remember. That your case is unique to you.

What may work for person A. May not work for person B.

Educating yourself on your particular situation, and finding a solid Doctor is priority number 1.

Your own unique story is important.

I had a family member commit suicide less than 2 years ago.

This is still very fresh in my life.

I was prescribed wrongfully. And I was catapulted to those extremes as well.

I have found my cure. In natural alternatives and a University education.

Combined with therapy. And my faith.

It has worked for me.

It may work for you.

There are no magic formulas. Everyone is different.

We do not all fit in a mold.

We have similar elements. But are not exactly the same.

Do not be afraid to speak up to your Doctors and ask questions.

Do not be afraid to read a book on psychology.

Do not be afraid to fight for your own life.

This is about your own life.

Doctors are there to help. Never to dictate.

If a medication is not working. Work with a new Doctor on a new gameplan; within their own experience and understanding.

I will post suicide rates by prescription here when I have all of my personal research completed.

We must still proceed with caution; even when something is prescribed.

If your meds have a negative reaction. Head to the hospital ER as soon as possible and get professional help.

Some Doctors will prescribe one patient 20 different things. No knowing how all 20 will react inside your body.

We are not machines to handle who knows how many chemicals are in those things.

No medication for depression has a zero fatality rate.

Also. Know your civilian rights. By state and country to protect yourself. And by country.

Read all related paperwork that comes with your meds. And then conduct your own private research into each company.

Anything in moderation. And in combination to other help is great. Work actively with your Doctors.

Do not just walk in your visits. And keep raking more and more... Just because it was placed in your hands.

Doctors make a lot more moneys by prescribing just a little more.....

Do you get my point?

Know. Your. Rights.

Protect. Yourself. At. All. Times.

The next life you save.

Could be yours.

God Bless.

May The Force Always Be With You.


On Fire

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Sep 21, 2011
THE MANDALORIAN do you take antipsychotic? If so do you mind saying which one?


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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
THE MANDALORIAN do you take antipsychotic? If so do you mind saying which one?

No medications. Almost 15 years.

Mj. Clean and cold water. Meditation and prayer. Excellent diet. Excellent rest.

+ Advanced education. Degree in Psychology.

+ Many more. Author.

Just finished my latest book.

All combined = my cure.

What has worked for me.

Anyone I can help.

I am here every 2 days.
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