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Woke up with panic attack at 2 AM



Aug 5, 2019
I've been on Zoloft for a couple weeks now. I feel like it's helping... I don't feel as suicidal anymore. Now I just feel like I can't cry even though I desperately want to. I've been sick with bronchitis this week and missed some work. I work for my dad... so naturally he just cares that I miss work.

Anyways...I came back to work today. But at 2 AM I woke up and my chest hurt so bad like someone was sitting on me. I was wheezing and could barely breathe. So, I took an epsom salt bath and inahled some essential oils and tried to chill out. Finally went to sleep around 4. I've never woken up from a panic attack. I thought it was from my sickness but I think I had anxiety about being sick if that makes sense. Went to doc today and got a breathing treatment and a steroid shot and that helped immensely.

Now I just went in my dad's office to say hi and he barely said a word to me. He mentioned something about one of my clients and then asked if my zipper was open. Then just looked generally annoyed I was even in there. Not a "how are you" or "glad you're back". I just feel like he hates me. And normally I would cry about it but I can't so I'm venting in here. Thanks all.


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Jul 8, 2019
so sorry you are feeling like this grace
sounds like my dad, he can come across as cold at times
he does love me actually
but sometimes you would have a hard time believing it

sounds like your dad is a bit of a ' manly man '
who has to ' get the job done ' !

he probably thinks he is helping you by being tough
not understanding what sort of person you are

I presume you have no other place you could work or stay
that must be hard



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Jan 30, 2019
You know that you are sensitive right now so try to think on that re your Dad. hes not being helpful and you are taking it all in.
Panic at 2am, I think this may be the meds? I dont know but possibly. Can you tell yourself that over and over calmly. It may be your Dad sorry to say. Ditto re Zoe. Especially if he has never been in your shoes. You did great fending it off. Though you lost alot of sleep. Night ones are the worst, Ive had them and give me 10 a day than 1 at night. I (dont laugh) tap my face with my fingers, especially around my forehead and temples and walk about to get rid of the adrenaline surge I feel in my legs.