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Withdrawing from care.



New member
Mar 16, 2015
I had my first appointments with a new cmht after recently moving house. They are offering a lot more support than previous team, cpn, ot, medication and possibly psychology.

In theory this is great I had my first meeting with cpn and she was lovely and easy to talk to however I just feel so overwhelmingly guilty for wasting their time and resources.i cannot accept all this help from them as I don't think anything will work. I flip from quite positive and thinking I have a future to just wanting to quit.

I really want to leave a message for the cpn asking to cancel all further appointments as I can't cope with having anyone care. A large part of me wants to be left alone to make my own decisions re life and death. I cannot give up control and getting help just makes me feel so out of control.

Are they likely to get worried if I just cancel? I don't want to speak to them as it will just take up more of their time. I don't want to be seen as attention seeking and do not want them to spring into action or ask me what my plans are.

I feel like I should give them a chance to help but at the same time I would much rather someone that could be helped take the time.

I'm quite torn.

Thanks for reading.


Well-known member
Apr 8, 2012
Hi Starryeyes, I really understand where you're coming from but I think you deserve help and support as much as the next person.

If you cannot accept that then bear in mind that the CMHT have very strict criteria before they will offer you any help. If they didn't think you have serious mental health problems then they wouldn't have accepted you onto their books. I would say trust their judgement and leave it up to them to decide. Once they feel they could help someone with a greater need they will discharge you.

Good luck and keep posting. And remember - you're worth it. It's part of being depressed to think you're being a timewaster and don't deserve the help. The CMHT know better in this instance.


Aug 21, 2017
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
you CAN be helped. I know it sounds stupid and corny; I don't even know you. However, everyone CAN be helped, even if just a little bit. You've got nothing to lose by trying, and you deserve their time just as much as anyone else, even though you feel like you don't.


Well-known member
Jan 2, 2012
Grab all the help that you can from whoever you can! That is the key to getting better. Do what they suggest, comply with their requests. Your depression will want you to run away and hide but you cant let it win, you cannot give in.!
Please just go along with it, you are so worth it.