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will things ever get better for her.


broken family

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Oct 24, 2014
3 months in hospital, still so scared and upset, its been hell she wont even come home for a few hours on Christmas day, her dads birthday, and to top it off they have shut the ward down dew to staff shortage s and moved them away about 12 miles away, so heartbroken for her she has really been through hell and back, with things that I can not say on this forum, been to see her tonight and haven't stoped crying since I got back, she is in a bedroom with 6 others and it looked like they are pact in like sarsardines, these poor people suffering and fighting there problems and being treated like cattle.


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Oct 21, 2014
I am so sorry. Have they said how long the ward will be closed for? What a horrible thing to happen right before Christmas.

Sometimes it takes a while to find treatment that suits someone. I really hope things will improve soon. In the meantime try to look after yourself, so you can be strong for her.

Best wishes, Sarah