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Will reduce meds with taper in two years



Well-known member
Oct 18, 2014
Now I have finally quit drinking which was mentally fucking me up I can start working towards a goal. The plan is is to taper after being on for two years over 15 month.

After quitting drinking I still at odd times get a little stress in my mind or at odd times feel a little paranoid but I hoping this just falls in the normal range of experiences for your average person.

Will say it's only been six weeks not drinking, but I don't really get anything out of it, it's not fun with depression and I don't really get much of a buzz which I think is down to the meds.

I think everyone at some point after a period of time should try reducing their medication, I think more psychiatrists should encourage it. Yes a lot of people will relapse but then again there have been studies which show reducing meds has a positive effect in the long run.

Also on a side note if you struggle like hell to tolerate your anti-psychotic like I have in the past try Brintellix (Vortioxetine). It's some sort of antidepressant but I've found for me it makes things a lot more bearable.


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2016
North Carolina
I agree that tapering off medication can be helpful in the long run. I hope I can do it too.