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Will i stop feeling like this?



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Aug 14, 2021
Hello :)
As I mentioned in a previous thread, I lost a friend in an accident a several years ago. I just came back from holidiays. I thought this could be a chance to get over it, but i didn't. I was with my bf and everything was beautiful, yet at some points (when i was alone or very relaxed) i would think of him (my dead friend). And as the time goes by I feel that a part of my soul is damaged.. or maybe if soul was a physical thing, it would have a large scar. And i just feel it will always hurt. I was in the sea, floating with my ears in the water and i was listening to the sea and i was thinking of him. It's stupid I know but a part of me thinks that he is somewhere. Along with him, my adolescence and carefree days also died. Sometimes i don't care if i'm happy. I felt true happiness with him and the light of this happiness makes me not caring about trying being happy. I felt full with this life. I loved and I was loved in return (as friends). But I feel lost. I keep on thiking what should I do. And if he sees me, if he is proud of me. And if he is okay. And if i will ever see him again.


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Aug 5, 2021
I'm sorry for your loss.

I too lost a dear friend a few years ago. She died under terrible circumstances when my daughter was just a little baby, so I don't think I've ever really processed it - I was too busy looking after my child.

I'm really missing my friend tonight.

It will always hurt but with time we will find it easier to carry these losses with us and maybe one day be able to think of our friends with love and joy for the wonderful people they were.
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