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Will i be kept on Zyprexa(Olanzapine) for the long term?



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Mar 20, 2010
Will i be kept on Zyprexa(Olanzapine) for the long term?If it's helping me

Hi. I am 22 years old from Glasgow.I am being treated with 15mg of Zyprexa(Olanzapine) for a manic episode i believe.The psychiatrist said it sounds like i have Bipolar.Anyway i have been taking the Olanzapine for two weeks now and it is helping me. My thoughts don't race as much and my fast pressured talking and sleeping is better too.I;'m not feeling as energetic either. Basically it has taken the edge off my high. I see the psychiatrist again next week. Because the anti-psychotics are helping me do you think i will be kept on them for the long-term?How long do you think i will be on them for?Life?Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.


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Dec 3, 2009
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You'll be on them as long as you want to be on them if you think there helping. once you come off them your symptoms will reappear most likely there not a cure. my advice if you are going to take antipsychotics is do your research and make sure your on the best one there is.
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Apr 9, 2010
I think you could be kept on them for the long term if they are benefiting you.

I'm taking olanzapine right now and it definately takes the edge of my highs in the fact they're not as extreme. One of the things I've noticed is that these tablets are absolutely exhausing to take - getting up in the morning is an effort in itself along with the fight not to fall asleep.

They've worked really well for what I need them for, but the side effects are pretty harsh for me so I might ask to try something else.
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