will i always feel this lonely?



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Feb 23, 2018
been somewhat getting things sorted im back under the community mental health team with a new cpn and have been working with a few self help charities. my life has turned into sitting in my room 24 hours a day not even talking to family and only leaving the house for my weekly appointments. i dont shower untill people tell me to. i hardly eat and when i do eat im making myself throw up because i feel sick.
was due to start a few things this week to get myself out the house and off this computer because i wont lie , i never leave the house anymore. but thats all fell through and its now not happening. found myself crying last night because of how lonely my life has gotten.
i used to work 50 hours a week i had friends had a life and now a year on ive got nothing but a body full of scars and four walls. its driving me nuts but yet im too scared/worried to change things. im just worried this is never goin to change because i dont know how to change it. :low:


Sorry you're so lonely. Just talk on here. Maybe you can start calling and spending time with your family and friends? :hug:


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Jan 2, 2012
I would start with making small changes, bit by bit. Like Furbarlady said start with spending a little more time with family and friends. Tell your friends that you need to spend more time with them, they may not be aware that you feel like this. I know myself that i dont like asking for help but would dearly love someone to talk to!!
Start making small journeys - pop outside in the sunshine just for say ten minutes, just to get a little fresh air. Build that up everyday slowly. Depression will make you isolate yourself - do not let it do that. Ask for help !


Nov 7, 2016
So sorry to hear this! I know this doesn’t sound helpful just now but it will get better, I’m having a depressive state the now due to euphoria and mania over the last week so basically on a come down, but one thing I will say is you HAVE to FORCE yourself out of your house, it just ends up in a vicious cycle if not, write yourself a really small list the night before of things you would like to accomplish the next day, nothing to strenuous, just like shower or a shopping list but instead of you closest shop walk abit further stick some headphones in listen to your favourite music and turn the activity in a positive experience rather than it being a hassle to leave the house. Definitely try contacting your family, this is an awful thing to deal with alone even if it’s the odd text message if your not feeling up to having a full blown conversation, I know it’s like clawing out of a pit when your depressed, but you can do it, just takes that extra push. I really hope things get better soon!
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Jun 9, 2018
Allow me to be very honest with you and bear with me. Yes, sadly you will probably feel loneliness frequently. It's awful I know. But with that knowledge you give yourself cause to overcome that. To win. Know your enemy. Mental health is not remedied by medicine, it won't abate with antibiotics. It is absorbed, accepted and actionable


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Jun 8, 2016
I agree with what Raychell said about making small to-do lists. I did this religiously when I was in a bad state a year or so ago and they work brilliantly. I put up a chart on my wall with things to do on certain days and ticked them off. When they're there staring you in the face like that it almost feels like someone telling you to get up and get moving, so good motivation.

For me the personal interactions are the hardest; I just don't want them when I'm low or depressed, so it might be an idea to start with simply getting out for walks and so on and let the natural factors (hormones/endorphins) get to work.

And, as I seem to be saying over and over of late (sorry guys): allow light in, get up early, go to bed early, get some form of exercise and eat well. These are your natural rememdies. :)
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