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Why I still alive on the earth?



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Apr 15, 2015
Why I still alive on the earth?
I asked this question from myself since so many year. I have faced many of bad experiences. I worried about every thing, what I received, what I hadn't. Those days I gave up Things those bothel me.
But Today I have found the answer for above question and now I'm happy. I don't say there is no things that makes trouble me now. That hatefull environment still with me.
But dear friend life is life. It is not heaven and also it is not hell. We have to deal with good things and same as bad things. If you are happy or sad it effects to you and people who love you.
Now please close your eyes. Then think past present and future of your selves. How you feel. Is it still bad, so i don't stop cry you. Now you should cry till you feel enough.
So is it enough time to cry? Answer is Yes, now the time is next step.
Now think why Did you cry. Sure it happen due to your bad memories. Then think why do you still deal with those things. Why ask your self. because you can not forget those things and you always live with dark side. So is it give u any benefits to u? No nothing. It only adds disadvantages to your selves. what is the meaning of life? What u looking for medicine, therapies, why you spend money for this? Only thing that you want to be happy. Tell your self give up bad things and collect the happiness from any activity bound with your selves. finally u can open your eyes. If you do this several weeks you can see positive different through your life. One day u can see everyone smile with you and give their hands to join with you.
All the best my dear sweetest friends.
Be happy, no worries. Life is not easy but u can fight with it.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm glad that you found the answer to your question.
It sounds like you have some really positive insights and wisdom. Perhaps that is what it's all about?
Thank you for sharing your uplifting post.