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Why does the universe hate me?...



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Sep 2, 2009
...and in such subtle ways?

I went to the city on the train.
Chaos - but that doesn't matter.

I was doing a bit of shopping - looking for underwear.
Somehow I found myself in Primark - a shop I would normally avoid like the plague
But I haven't got an income at the moment, so I thought I'd look and see if there was anything suitable - and there was.
So I bought three items (which makes a total of three items I have ever bought from there).

On the way home from the city I was feeling vulnerable, unhappy. Wanted to curl up in a ball or scream. Couldn't stand going home.
Called in at one of my favourite pubs for a drink to fortify myself.
I sat down to read the book reviews in the Guardian.

Lo and behold! One of the reviews was for a book called 'The Song of the Shirt'
About the abuses and deaths and maltreatment of clothing workers in Bangladesh - specifically those working for xyz and abc and Primark.
Why, oh why, did I have to read this today?

So on top of all the thoughts of SH I've been having lately.

Now I deserve punishment for supporting these evil bastards who kill and maim their workers without regard.

Of all the days to read such a thing?

But I am bad. I am heartless. I hate myself.

or do I?

And that deserves punishment too. I SHOULD hate myself.

Oh bum :low:


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Staff Member on Leave
Oct 11, 2014
least you know for future. i am sure all the clothes are made in the same factories anyway where ever you buy them.
punishing yourself is not gonna help the people who made the clothes is it?


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Oct 21, 2014
the poor have no choice is a single mother going to care about the pight of the battery hen no she has to feed her children. its governments that should be sorting this stuff out. sending hugs give yourself a break cost of living has gone up what can we do?
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