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Why does DLA/PIP have to be the only proof of disability?! - Rant!!



Well-known member
Aug 8, 2013
Argh just been trying to buy train tickets. Thought I'd check out the Disabled Person's Railcard... turns out the only proof for mental health issues is getting DLA/PIP, which I've just been refused (appeal in pipeline...)
Same with Housing Benefit - I'm only allowed enough to rent a room despite needing to live alone, and having previously been homeless due to MH issues. If I got PIP I'd be exempt from this rule. (Thankfully get discretionary payments atm but it's a real squeeze without.)

The most frustrating thing is that if I did get PIP I wouldn't be so desperate for the money off!!

There should be a level that's just below PIP where you get the passported benefits but not the PIP money itself, IMO.

That's what really gets me about the current government/disability benefit cuts - it's so all-or-nothing. Very ideological, they can say "look how well we look after these disabled people" about the select few, and the other disabled people are left with nothing because they don't quite reach the mark.

Rant over!


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Urgh, can understand why you're frustrated. :hug1:

I don't think any of the cuts should have been directed at the disabled/poor in the first place. :curseyou:

Am sorry to hear of the housing situation too. I really feel for you. There is no consideration that actually, some people need to live alone for their own well-being and for the sake of any potential flat mates.

I hope the appealing works out in your favour. x