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Why am I thinking about SH?



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Sep 2, 2009
I SHed on Thursday night.
Then I had a less crazy day on Friday

Today I am so irritable at everything - and a few things specifically.
But I keep thinking about SHing

I think it is a sort of hope that someone might pay me attention, but that is unlikely if I just treat the damage myself.
Or maybe I think it will release the anger and pent up energy that isn't going anywhere or serving any purpose - since I'm struggling to focus enough to achieve anything solid.

It just seems like the only thing worth doing at the moment. Nothing else would feel as good as that.


Jan 15, 2013
I think the fact (depending on where it is) you have the constant reminder of it in either sight or feeling makes you think about it more.

Self harm can be a release of so many emotions but then you get trapped in a viscous cycle when you end up relaying in it too much and then the urge gets more and more and before you know it, it gets worse everytime.

Please try your best to distract yourself away from the thoughts of self harming Shaky.

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