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Why am I so attracted to Hasidic Jews?



I'm a woman. People think I'm weird, but I find them hot, including their appearance also. I have some Jewish blood through my mother, and it's visible, I even once saw a photo of one of my ancestors in the 1800s who married a Chasid. I didn't grow up culturally Jewish (I'm English, fully tradition wise) it makes me a little sad however because the closest Synagogue is 12 miles away, and it's just a Reform one. The only 'other Jews' I know are related.

I'm nearly 22 and my mother wants me to get a guy and have plenty of children. But I'm religious and intermarriage is against it.


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Mar 20, 2015
Ever thought of moving to golders green or Stamford hill in London? Plenty of hasidics around there but they are a superior race so like won't marry outside of their kind (I think). You can't help who you are attracted to though.
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