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who do i listen to?



New member
Oct 9, 2009
imin hospital at the moment under a section 3. No one will be frak with me abouts what going on. I was detained for safety reasons because i jumpewd from something reallt high, overdosed and set fire o my arm. I did this to protect my sister from the sinister pople who have targeted me and r doing research. They tell me what i must do and use these transmitters across the road to grfaphically show me what needs to be done. I didnt carry out one of there tasks and they sent mew a warnining by hurting my dad. Im really confused because my moods are alll overf the placed and i wanted my last few months to be happy. All the staff r saying different things. My community nurse said i have needed significant support with psychosis and sedlf harm, he said i have a dual diiagnosis but didnt expand. What is that? Then the drs r telling me im seriously ill and they want to put me on clozapine which im scafred about. I told a staff nurse here in the hospital and she said i dont need it and it will make things worse. The consultant said she doesnt think ne othedr ap will work. I said a chemical tablet cant change my environment. My dad says to take no tablets at all. Who do i listen to? Ive been going crazy with mmy moods latwely, not sleeping or eationg. The drs wrotge mew up for 2mg clonazepam twice a day then the nurses complain and say its too much. I took my dose last night but bcos its not safe to sleep in my room due to the transmmiter ive been sleeping in the lounge. Last night they locked thew door on person. Bear in mind thew tablets i had taken. I was up till around 5am and wnet to charge my phone and fell asleep on thw floor. i got up at 8. now ive jsty tak en the clonazepam and i still cant sleep. I keep forgetting things. My moods are erratic and volitile i cant concentrate. I feel like im going indsane. Back to the question, who do i listwn to.


Active member
Mar 16, 2010
burrleigh heads gold coast Australia
You are there for your own safety, they are just trying to help you .I know you must be scared, you dont trust anybody , that is understanderble at the moment ,they are putting you on meds because of your psychosis,and paranoia, you might do something that might be hurtfull to yourself or someone else, try not to be frightened, once your meds start working everthing will start to make sense again, My son was just like you asking simular questions he was scared and frightened they were sending messages from saterlittes people were telling him to smash his car into shop windaows and so on , Back to your question? LISTEN TO THE DOCTORS please take your meds ,and things will settle down, you dont want to be out of reallity for too long ,I will be thinking of you. once you have found the right meds that suits you your life will be so much better ,,all the best ginger


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Apr 17, 2010
Section 3 or 63?
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