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where to turn?



New member
Dec 26, 2017
I know I am new here, but i'm running out of steam. I won't go into details and frankly I don't know what the hell to say to begin with. I have no support system in my life...I have tried to talk to the ones I trust and all of them have quickly changed the subject after some witty, supposed to be funny remark. Another problem I have is anything i do has to be very low key because as a police officer if word about this gets out it will effectively end my career which will absolutely compound my problems. I guess you could say i am at my last straw since i am on an internet forum asking for advice from complete strangers.


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hey really sorry that you are in such a fix can relate to zero support system in my life. have you considered having counseling? as it sounds like you need to talk.

again tonight i have been on the phone to samaritans and which btw is 116 123. you dont have to be suicidal to call them.

its a tough world out there and we aint none of us an island.
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