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Where to from here



Sep 19, 2012
I am feeling at the end of my run. I am fed up with the pills, fed up with the fog and just fed up with waiting for further treatment. My family isn't the best at understanding and well I just feel like hope has caught the last train out of here. I wish I could feel the highs as I am just left with this low which has lasted for far too long now and this is just too much to take. I wish I knew what would help lift this glum. I think fuck it all and just let me go. Then I bottle it. Most mornings I am sapped of energy and just on permanent tired. I hate my job and nothing brings me any form of satisfaction or joy. If only there was something I could hold onto which would bring me some happiness.


in a ideal world what happiness do you want ? sorry i cant be more helpful take care


Well-known member
Apr 9, 2010
I can empathise.
Its hard having to live with this illness.
I thought last year wow!!
Not felt depressed all pretty good! Maybe I will be discharged soon.
I was fooled to think this will last and have no hiccups ever again.
I have found out for me and most of us here theres always going to be not such good times.
I know when trying different meds seeing which one may work or getting the right balance can take some time.
But dont give in not too this illness your life is worth more than that.
I have found (and lost a number of friends) that some people are going to be non supportive and think they know what its like or whatever. I am sad i have lost those friends but well most my friends are supportive. Even though i havent discussed the illness with like some of karls friends or partners they 'know' I have been pretty crook at times and are there for me.
I have in the past attempted to explain to some people in my life what it is like they either cant understand or plainly dont want too.
Try surround yourself with positive people.
I have a cleaning job. Its easy work, i generally like cleaning the hours are flexible the boss puts no pressure on me.
Its starting to be mundane i like nurturing people, being a nurse but the pressure was too much.
Go easy on yourself. ?can you take some time off from work may give you some space and help your recovery.
Hope your mood starts to pick up soon and am sorry things are like this for you, it is hard but hang in there!


Well-known member
Jan 1, 2014
The lows can be so long that you feel like this is how life is now, it's so hard to get through, but remember, with bipolar, no mood lasts forever! Just use this time to snuggle down, rest, eat well, swim, walk, wander, read, bath, and generally look after yourself whilst life is at this slower pace. And remember that soon enough the mood will change and you will no longer feel this way.