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Where the hell do i belong??



Dec 2, 2009
Hampshire, Portsmouth
hi all im realy sorry im going to bore all of you.... i have no idea where i belong even on this site? was given tablets for depression 2weeks ago (im not eating you can see my ribs spine etc...) im underweight.JUST my dr put me on fluexatine(sorry for the spelling PROZAC) not doing there job so shes doubled my dose ( although she informs me they dont normally) i dont want to eat have told her im made to. 1 meal a day i purge i have no control of my life what so ever i have 2 young children 2 1/2 and 14 months no control over finances etc all is acountable for i ask myself all the time what the hell is wrong with me i hate myself i look awfull i dont want to go on maybe its the meds who knows.......sorry for boring you all :cry::oops:


:welcome: lildubs0_1

you can be anywhere on this site, you dont have to fit into one place, most of us have multiple issues and your not boring anyone.

the important thing is that you can open up and feel comfortable here, i hope you feel that soon :)

have the meds made you feel better at all?

ive never taken prozac but do know anti-d can cause suicidal thoughts, if you are having these please inform your doctor

takecare :hug:


Sorry to hear you're feeling so low right now. I understand the awful feelings of depression too well, it's very hard especially having little ones to look after too.

Medications can take alittle while to start working, some can take up to 4 weeks. Hang in there, we're here to listen and give support as a group, so please don't worry about boring anybody.

Keep writing if you need, it helps to try and talk about your feelings.

Take very good care of yourself and hope you feel better really soon. x

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