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where do I stand with this? (possible discrimination)



Mar 30, 2012
West Midlands
Hi guys, it's been a while.

Let me start with some background info; I was diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder in March 2012. My Psych team didn't think it was to severe, in fact, I have been meds free for 12 months, counselling free for 12 months and discharged from my psychiatrist.

In order to sort myself out and get out of the pit I was in, I did a Access to HE college course, finished this month, which enables me to get to uni. Whilst doing the college course I was working full time and helping raise my 2 kids, again, without medication and any help from medical professionals.

So, I finish my course and I managed to maintain consistently high grades throughout and apply for a Social Work course at a well known Midlands Uni.

They have knocked me back because of the EUPD. I provided a cover letter explaining my background and how I have been discharged etc so how can they do that? They have never even met me! They have obviously seen the label and not the person. Have any of you experienced anything similar?


Former member
I have but I found that not telling them till you get the job cos at least you can state you case :)


Former member
IMO you sound like you have been discriminated against. what this means as a next step though is the question. i personally feel that those who have walked a journey, been cleared and motivated to help others in need should never be squandered or dismissed. why i think youve been discriminated against is because you were honest and detailed yourself prior to the interview.

can i suggest something? your prior health information is not required to be notified to anyone unless it is specifically requested, and even then it would be under special or exceptional circumstances. keep your information close to your chest and only reveal what is minimum required to get you along your path. why i say that is because it will keep all your options open as much as possible and will get you further against archaic attitudes.

have you applied elsewhere or what is it you plan to do for your next step?