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Where do I begin?



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Jan 20, 2010
I found out in June after having a horrible panic attack that I was (am) pregnant. I decided at that point that I would 1. pin point what it is that makes me so anxious and worried ALL the time and 2. solve it before my baby was born. I started on an antidepressant (I didn't have health insurance until I got pregnant and now am on a medical card) and started seeing a counselor.

My baby girl is due a month from tomorrow and I have just this week pin pointed my issues. I only see my counselor every other week, but it's all I can do to keep from going her house to have her tell me where to start to solve it. (I wouldn't actually go to her house.)

My boyfriend and I went to my moms the other night and he had been texting somebody. That makes me so jealous because I don't know who he talks to and I don't think its my business to ask. So i try to ignore it. We were on our way home and he said something about his friend that is "like a sister" that lives in Georgia that he'd like for us to go see this spring or summer. Then he said "There are a few people I'd like you to meet if and when we get a chance to travel a little bit." My immediate thought was "does he want them to meet ME or does he want them to meet our DAUGHTER and he knows she won't be going anywhere like that without me? It was then that I realized I am very jealous and very cynical. We came home and it was a few hours later that I was STILL upset about this and I realized that I can't let things go. Then I realized too that this baby is part his, and there will be times he will want to show her off to other females (he has a lot of friends..male and female..and I don't know most of them) and I don't like that. I don't want some other girl cooing over MY daughter. So, I can't share. I also can't communicate the proper way. I can do it with anyone but him. The times that I have brought myself to it, it has been thru text and he's been totally cool with whatever it was...so why can't I do it in person? So I let things bother me and eat away at me.

Where do I start to solve these issues? Sorry this is so long, and if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this.


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May 27, 2008
Hi Kendall and welcome to the forum.

Sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment especially with so much going on. Talking is a good point to start at so it's great that you've got some counselling this should help get the ball rolling and you could then maybe start the conversation with your husband. It won't necessarily give you all the answers but will be a start.

Good luck and keep posting (yet more talking!)

Best wishes,
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