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Where can I access anxiety/depression forums in USA specifically?



New member
Mar 20, 2018
Where can I access anxiety/depression forums in USA specifically on this website? Also where can I access personality disorder forums in USA specifically on this website? Or is the USA part of this forum just for general things and there are no separate forums for various disorders within the USA section of this website?

Thank you!!!!!


Well-known member
Feb 24, 2018
Hi, welcome to the site!

All the mental health forums (for anxiety, depression, bipolar, borderline, etc.) are listed in general for everyone, not separated by country. There are some discrepancies like hotlines to call or health care systems being different among countries, but for the most part people from all over the world use that section to offer their advice, support, experiences, etc.

This section you've found has been provided to find others specifically from your area, to chat if you want, or to start a thread specifically for US related things.

I hope that cleared up your question. Maybe a forum mod will come behind me and correct me if I'm wrong.

Good luck to you!