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When your OCD makes you repeat the thought that one more time...



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Nov 9, 2013
Because if you don't it tells you that whatever it is your trying not to think about and resisting or whenever a bad thought pops into your head and your replacing it over and over and over and over and over and it goes on forever.

You know that feeling were you just have to replace the thought or resist it in some way otherwise the consequence could mean permanance of whatever the thought is implying. Well I'm struggling dealing with these type of thoughts, how do you push on past that bad thought and into thinking freedom?

Without doing more damage than good in "thinking" your doing the right thing when in actual fact you might be doing some other form of safety behaviour. How can you tell when you're doing it right and how do you go about it in the first place?

Does anybody know anything about tackling OCD thoughts or Pure O?

I've read books on the subject but it's just a bunch of nonsense, like a 10 step guide or a 37 step guide just to fill out 200 pages when the real answer must be a lot more simplier, not easier but simplier in terms of action. Even if it's just a 3 step guide, that can easily become part of the problem because you rely on these 3 steps or whatever amount they are and eventually they'll lose their power.


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Oct 21, 2013
On a comet
My OCD is mainly to do with my mind. I keep having to go through things in a ordered way and if someone talks to me whilst I do this, I then start again. I will do this both until I have been through the order and when it feels right.
It is exhausting.