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When will this hell end?



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Sep 6, 2009
I apologise in advance if I offend anyone on here:

I am totally fed up of the sh*t that I feel and have to deal with. I'm dealing with everything alone. I've not many friends and the ones I do have seem busy with their own lives. My sister is not talking to me. I don't discuss it with my parents as they have enough to deal with. My counsellor has gone on holiday for four weeks as well.
I try every day to get better and want to know when i will be better. When will I stop feeling like this and won't have the urges to throw up anymore?
:unsure: I don't know.




Hi Kathrina

I'm sorry you are feeling so alone and down. Christmas is such a hard time for most people suffering with an eating disorder because there are so many challenges to overcome combined with having little support.

I will be on here largely over Christmas, although I can't guarantee on the day. I am not sure if that helps, but if you want to off load anytime do let me know.

I am also about to put up a post for those suffering with EDs of ideas on how to get through it which might help you and your family.

Take care
Sapphire xx


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Nov 27, 2009
It will get easier...i promise...

Hi Kathrina,

No need to apologise - it's refreshing to hear someone just be real - the only thing i can promise you is that it does get easier the longer you stick with it.
I can totally empathise re struggling with counsellor away - i won't see mine for 4 weeks either...in the meantime i am trying to write thoughts/problems down in my journal so i can bring it to next appt.

Also, this time of year is often the worst for us ed sufferers as everyone seems to go food crazy - i decided i would make life easier this year and plan in advance what i will eat when we have the big family meal. A good friend in my support group used to tell me 'don't quit before the miracle happens' - give yourself a huge pat on the back :clap: for being honest about how hard it is as a massive part of recovery is using your voice rather than your body to express your emotions.

I wish i could say 'Kathrina...you will be recovered in x amount of time'... if it helps, try to think of recovery at the moment as a journey rather than a destination.

Take good care of u & keep reminding yourself it will get easier.
Kate x
:grouphug::) p.s. forgive me am still trying out the diff icons (!!)
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