When will PIP assesments start for Indefinite DLA start??




A worrysum subject for some of us this, but I could do with some advice if possible.

Basically live in the Northwest of the UK, and was awarded Indefinite DLA some years ago, I tried to do some research into when I will be assessed for PIP and it stated on a Goverment Internet site that this would start at the end of 2015.

However i have just read somewhere on this forum is may be 2018, given the fact that Atos the people who were initially put in place to carry out the assessments are being axed and replaced with some other Company and that they are very much behind their targets with assessments I was wondering just when they will send me the dreaded letter for assessing myself.

Does anyone have a clue when PIP assesements start for indefinite DLA in the Northwest of the UK and any other areas ie. South/West/East?
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Err, that's a bit confusing.
From the letter I got from them, I got that they were going to start going through "indefinite" DLA claims from 2017.
Obviously there are a fair few people on it and so it will probably take them a while to get around to contacting you.
But I was pretty sure i'd read that it will be from 2017 onwards. x